Friday, July 21, 2017

KARATE, THE HAND OF DEATH / Joseph Brenner Productions - 1961

It's Friday, and time for this title found on Something Weird Video, the story goes like this... Before the credits roll, a Nazi war criminal is in Tokyo to cash in his war loot, a million dollars in platinum, and is murdered by karate chops!! A visiting American is framed and must elude police as well as a gang that thinks he has the precious metal. The American, Matt Carver, has his own history, he was raised in Japan, he's fluent in Japanese and karate, and he was an American soldier in the Pacific in WWII. While in hiding, Matt turns to the Harakawa family that includes Akira, his boyhood friend. Matt's history with the family holds the key to the mystery of the dead Nazi, but how do these separate stories connect, and can he figure it out before it's too late?.. Well, keep reading!

Matt arrives in Tokyo and meets with the police, they notice the calluses on his hand, a sign of karate training, could he be the killer? He also receives a coin during the interview.

Then, two gangsters accost Matt and it looks like there will be a deadly fight, but...

Matt has a flashback where he kills a number of Japanese soldiers during the war with karate chops and feels like his karate training is a curse.

While Matt is daydreaming, the thugs beat him down and take him away.

When he comes to, he's in the company of Mr. Harakawa and is welcomed by the family. Matt then gives a karate demonstration at his pal Akira's gym!

Break time, Matt and his friend Ivan take in a show at a popular restaurant...

Matt digs out his secret recording device to see if he can get some poop on the killer!

Holy crap, guess what, freakin' Akira is behind the killing and theft!!

And, Akira's father has been listening in, hiding behind some crates! When dad gives Akira a sword to commit hara-kiri for dishonoring the family, he attacks his dad, and, the fight is on between him and Matt!

Akira has broken a big vat of acid on the floor and has pushed Matt into it!!.. YOW-EEE!!

Then, with a super quick karate jab to Akira's throat, well, the killer becomes the killed! You know, bad karma has a way of sneaking into the game.

Matt is not proud of what he's done, but, it had to be done! How's that for a brain twister?! Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! haunts this spot...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

SODA SQUIRT - UB I Werks - "A Flip Cartoon" (1933)

A couple of months ago I did a post called Over a 100 Years of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
but it seems I neglected this cartoon from 1933, so it's time to fix that and have a Way-out Wednesday at the same time, cause once you get over the hump, the rest of the downhill trip is gravy!

Flip the Frog's here to serve it up to you, in  a strange little U B I, and I be you Werks tale called "Soda Squirt!"

Flip's having a grand opening for his all new joint!

All the big name celebrities of the day show up like Laurel and Hardy....

....And that oh so mad monk, Rasputin (Lionel Barrymore!)

Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and even Zeppo Marx show up too!

Buster Keaton and Jimmy Duranted come along too, probably to enjoy the "Grilled Lamb Kidneys with Bacon!"  Gotta be better than the frog legs!!

It's never mentioned, but by the looks of it, there's got to be booze in that drink!

Mae West comes by and heats the place up a bit!

Known for his big mouth, Joe E. Brown eats everything but one piece!

Then, an unknown, but extremely effeminate man makes the scene!

Flip is so taken with Mae West, he makes the man a kitchen sink drink rhat even includes tacks!

What can I say? It's an amazing transformation scene!!

And out pops the Frederic March version of Mr. HYde!

Flip has to get everything back in order the way it used to be, so he literally kicks Mr. Hyde's ass!

After a great start, it really turned into a big zero of a day!

Monday, July 17, 2017

SHE / Associated British Picture Corporation - 1965

Here's an updated version of RKO's 1935 version starring Helen Gahagan and Randolph Scott, this time, after doing military service in the Middle East, a British archaeologist, Major Holly, his valet and his young friend, Leo, are spotted in Palestine and is approached by a mysterious oriental who identified Leo by his uncanny likeness to the portrait on an ancient coin! An adventurous search for the lost Pharaonic city of Kuma proceeds relying on a recently acquired map. Their hasty expedition reaches a hidden city where the Hellenistic age is still alive. It's ruled by the supernatural Ayesha, who believes Leo is is the reincarnation of Callicrates, who she waited for all those centuries, a companion of Alexander the Great. She offers him immortality and to share the throne as her eternal love, but it all goes tragically wrong...

The movie stars Ursula (CASINO ROYALE) Andress as Ayesha, Peter (ISLAND OF TERROR) Cushing as Major Holly, John (ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.) Richardson as Leo and Christopher (I, MONSTER) Lee as bad guy, Billali.

From left to right, valet Job, handsome Leo and Major Holly, they are on the trail of the lost Pharaonic city of Kuma, where, they obtain a map of the city's location...

On their way through the desert, they lose the men leading them and the camels and have to continue on foot. At a water hole, Loe sees a vision of Ayesha, beconing him to come to her hidden city.

After Leo falls ill, the three finally locate the hidden city of Kuma.

Once they are taken inside, Ayesha heals Leo with her unearthly powers...

Our trio find a civilization of warriors with sacrifice in mind, the way they keep their Queen Ayesha young, forever!

Their captives are all simply tossed into the big pit of fire that keeps her alive...

But, when Leo falls for one of the harem girls, Ayesha gets jealous and is prepared to have her dropped into the pit of fire for revenge!

Leo is then forced to join Ayesha in her unearthly plan to keep her and Leo young and in love forever and a day, and, the harem girl is saved!

Then, all the slaves revolt against their oppressors and a huge battle ensues. Major Holly and Job join in on the fun!

Ayesha and Leo are prepared to step into the fire when Billali joins the ordeal, he thinks he's the chosen one to become SHE's mate. Him and Leo fight it out with swords until...

Ayesha jabs a lance into Billali's back and he goes down for the count!

Our lovers step into the blue flames of life but something is wrong, Ayesha starts turning old and the jig is up!

SHE falls to the floor and turns into a heap of dust and our trio flees from the mayhem... Goodnight sweet Queenie! So, that's that, join us again on Wednesday when we will have another interesating post, jus' fer y'all... YEE-HAW!!

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Monster Music
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