Wednesday, August 23, 2017

THE HEP CAT (1942)

 "The Hep Cat" came out in 1942 and was the first Looney Toons cartoon in colour!

 He's cool, he's hip, he's one hep cat!
The back story is probably that he's playing craps and smoking reefer when he's not out strutting his stuff!!

The hep cat's nemesis is of course, the dog!

 Only the bird is smart enough to question why this same routine goes on night after night after night!

For an extra super hep cat surprise, PULL MY FINGER!

 "I got cat class and I got cat style" - The Stray Cats

 "Walk like an Egyptian" - The Bangles
 You can watch this whole Java Jive musical number right here!!  
It's a good one!!

Spiffing up for another night out on the town, super cool like Victor Mature!

 Finally, hey sweetcheeks, where'd you come from?

Oh, no, it's just another wicked ruse by the dog and his hand puppet!

 This part's pretty weird! While they're making out, and he's feeling her up, the hep cat thinks the dog's bulbous nose is really an amazing bubble butt on the chick he just met!

 REALITY Check!!

 I also love the fact that there's a bottle of booze in the garbage! After all, cartoons are for kids, right?

You gotta admit, this is an interesting Ménage à Troi of an ending!
And also, Happy Anniversary to our dear friends B and A, because they got cat style!

Monday, August 21, 2017


Welp, here are 10 more movies Tabonga! loves to watch again!.. When I get my fill of regular cable shows, I turn my little DVD player on and throw on a disc from my library of over 500 older titles to soothe my monstrous soul.

On my last post, Randall Landers lamented that I didn't include THE FLESH EATERS, so, here it is! This movie is so unique and a real horror when you throw in the deleted Nazi swimming pool flesh eating experiment scenes, wild stuff! My favorite parts include poor old Omar and the monster after it grows to an enormous size, awesome flick!!

OMG!!.. MASTER MINDS is my favorite Bowery Boys title, it's even better than THE BOWERY BOYS MEET THE MONSTERS! It also stars Dungeon Hero, Glenn Strange, as Atlas the Monster. I swear, when Sach and Atlas get their minds switched, the fun really begins. Glenn is freakin' hilarious when he mimes the voice and mannerisms of Sach!! Everyone needs to see this flick, no kidding, comes with my highest seal of approval...

KRONOS kicked my ass when I saw it in 1957 at only 9 years old, and, I still love to watch this great sci-fi flick again (and, again)!

I totally love THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE, man, what a wild 'n' weird movie with the cyclops saucer and cyclops monster. In fact, I love it so much that I watched it again last night!

Brit Richard Gordon produced both FIRST MAN INTO SPACE and THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE, making for a ton of thrills for us. We have a great blood thirsty monster covered with meteor dust and it also stars our Professor, there on the right.

THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH is another movie I love to watch again! Where to begin... Atomic monsters, great songs by the Del-Aires, tons of mutilations, hot chicks in their Ford convertible, Hank, Elaine, Eulabelle, sodium, terror, horror, drunk idiots and so much more!

I got to see THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS in 1957, liked it then, love it now! Although a little hokey at times (especially when the airliner 'splodes), the Brain in the still looks pretty damn creepy, you have to admit!

Wow, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER, love this out of control flick, it has so much going on. Bob Crewe supplies the great pop music for this thing, but, what I always notice the most is the horrible ear makeup on Dr. Nadir and his chant... Maximum Energy!!!

MESA OF LOST WOMEN is another movie that blows my mind, The fun never stops, you gots giant spiders, Jackie Coogan, Tarantella, Lyle Talbot, George Barrows, Katherine Victor, crazy music by Hoyt Curtin, midgets, spider women, a mad lab in the Muerte Desert, a wacky airplane and more! Still love to watch this one again!

ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN has so much schlock going on, you can't help but love it! My favorite character is Nancy's butler, Jess, he's one tough old dude! So, there you are, another pile of movies Tabonga! loves to watch again. It looks like I'll have two more of these posts since I have so many movies I love! Tune in Wednesday as we continue adding more cargo to our old Dungeon Cyclopedia...

Saturday, August 19, 2017

COMIN' ROUND THE MOUNTAIN - Abbott and Costello with Dorothy Shay (1951)

"Wish I got a dollar every time you made me holler!"
That being said, welcome to yet another Saturday Night Special from the Boom Boom Room comedy club wing of The Dungeon!
Tonight we've got Abbott and Costello in "Comin' Round The Mountain," one of their non-monster, but every bit Universal films!

This go round the boys are joined by Dorothy Shay, in a hillbilly musical! Here's a link to one of the songs called.........

 You'd think the talent at Club Blue Cheese would stink, but it doesn't!

Bud and Lou also have an act in the club that is less than spectacular! Lou is "The Great Wilbert!"

There's a mouse in the house, and these three tough guys show their true grit!

Lou finds out that he's a long lost relative to one Squeezebox McCoy, and he might just be the one who inherits all of Squeezebox's treasure and gold!

Ida (The Soul Of A Monster) Moore is Granny McCoy, a woman of many secrets!

When Glenn Strange wasn't busy in cowboy roles, he found time to be the Frankenstein monster in films like "House Of Frankenstein," "House Of Dracula," and "Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein!" Here he's Devil Dan Winfield!

Look in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane.........

Them hillbilly sleepin' quarters are tight, and they still tried to cram one more guy in there too!

This is a still of a still!

Just in case you forgot this was a Universal film, Bud and Lou go out lookin' for a love potion!!

"Comin' Round The Mountain" was just a pit stop between "The Wizard Of Oz" and  "13 Ghosts" for Margaret Hamilton!!

 Margaret is Aunt Huddy, a witch and a mistress of hoodoo voodoo!

Aunt Huddy and Lou take turns sticking pins in each other's voodoo dolls!!

When they finally find the gold, it turns out that the guvment also has their eye on it, since what they've done is essentially broken into Fort Knox! Good thing it's a movie or next stop for Bud and Lou would be the big house!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??